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Dengue hemorrhagic fever (dengue hemorrhagic fever, DHF or dengue fever, DF) dengue (dengue shock syndrome, DSS) is as a consequence of the dengue virus (genus Flavivirus, husband or wife and children Flaviviridae).

Dengue fever: Provides about, signals and treatment


Dengue hemorrhagic fever (dengue hemorrhagic fever, DHF or dengue sot xuat huyet la gi fever, DF) dengue (dengue shock syndrome, DSS) is thanks to the dengue virus (genus Flavivirus, household Flaviviridae).



The virus has four distinctive serotypes, DEN-one, DEN-two, DEN-three and DEN-four. People contaminated with any virus are only ready of constructing lifelong immunity in your virus. This can be why Adult males and women residing in dengue endemic sites may get dengue a lot more than just after inside their life time. Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever are typically tropical and subtropical problems. Dengue virus infection delivers about scientific indicators that vary from Unique to personal. The ailment might manifest for the nonspecific viral an infection syndrome or critical hemorrhagic disease and bringing about Demise. On this web page, the period of time dengue is utilized to look for information from the 3 problems outlined larger than. On the subject of Each and every personalized class, the precise discover of the illness will possible be utilized.


It could be stated that dengue is often a mosquito ailment mostly transmitted by mosquitoes. In recent periods the sickness occurs to generally be A significant trouble for typical general public Over-all wellbeing internationally. Globally, about 2.five billion individuals are actually living in regions the place the sickness is endemic. The geographic distribute of Each individual vectors (mosquitoes) and viruses has resulted in a rise in ailment charges over the past 25 many years along with the prospective for outbreaks as a consequence of one of a kind serotypes in several metropolis areas. with the tropics.


I. Epidemiology:


The 1st recorded outbreaks happened amongst 1778 and 1780 in Asia, Africa and North The United states of america. The Approximately simultaneous incidence inside the epidemics on three exceptional continents proves that the pathogen virus along with the vector continues to become frequently distributed through the entire globe more than two hundred many a long time in the past. Throughout this time dengue is taken into consideration only gentle sickness. A dengue pandemic transpired in Southeast Asia shortly immediately after Total entire world War II and it has due to the fact unfold globally. Also in Southeast Asia, dengue was 1st discovered inside the Philippines in 1950 but by 1970 the ailment turned a regular explanation for hospitalization and Dying amongst Little ones in the site.

II. Influenced individual TREND:

Everywhere in the earth morbidity charges have elevated significantly in recent times. The sickness has now turn into an epidemic in all around one hundred nations throughout the world in Africa, the Americas, the jap Mediterranean site, Southeast Asia and also the Western Pacific. Southeast Asia along with Western Pacific will be the places most afflicted. Prior to 1970, only 9 nations professional an outbreak. This quantity in excess of quadrupled in 1995. The earth Nicely currently being Business (WHO) estimates that involving fifty and a hundred million individuals are contaminated yearly. Not simply has the amount of situations amplified, having said that the likelihood of an an infection with several viruses is Furthermore ever additional alarming.